Step-By-Step User State Migration Sccm 2012 R2

  1. Open Configuration Manager Console from the start menu
  2. Navigate to “Assets and Compliance” section  in the console
  3. Right click on “User State Migration” and select “Create Computer Association”
  4. In the Computer Association Properties window, for Source computer Search button
  5. In the Search Computer Windows, Type in the Computer contains text field the computer name want to save the user account profiles from, Then click the search button.
  6. In the Search Computers windows, double click on the computer name that you want from the search results section.
  7. Back at the Computer Association Properties windows, click on the destination computer search button
  8. Repeat steps 5-6 for searching the destination computer name.
  9. In the Users account tab, Here you have an option
  10. a)     Option 1 is Capture and restore all user account.
  11.                       This option does exactly has described.
  12. b)    Option 2. Capture all, but restore specific account
  13.                       Click the yellow star , click browse  , then enter the user account, click check name, then ok. then ok again, then the user account to be restored will show up.
  14. c)     Option 3 Capture and Restore specific user accounts
  15. To verify success of the user state migration process thus far, you will see in the User State Migration section,
  16. Click on Devices
  17. In the filter text field type the source computer name
  18. When computer name desired shows right click the computer name and select “add selection items” and then select “add selected items to existing device collection”
  19. In the Select Collection windows, select “Save User State Migration” and click OK
  20. Back at the devices filter text field type the Destination computer name and click search
  21. In the Select Collection windows, select “Restore User State Migration” and click OK
  22. On the source computer open “Software Center” from the start menu
  23. If the option for “Save User State” is available click the install button at the bottom right of the software center windows.
  24. 18.1.If you don’t see the option “Save User State” you can either
  25. 18.1.1.   Wait 15 minutes for the sync between the client and the Config Mgr server to happen. Or
  26. Once you have selected to install the “Save User State” a popup will appear wanting to confirm the action.  select the “Install Operating System” button ( The reason the wording is Operating System is because the task sequence it is.)
  27. Here are couple screenshots of the process of the user profile capture.
  28. When the operation is complete the status will say “installed”
  29. On the New computer you will open the Software Center. There you will see the Task Sequence labeled, “ Restore User State” , you will select this task sequence and click in the lower right corner of the window the Install selected button
  30. There will be a windows pop up confirming the action you will click on the “installed Operating System”
  31. Once the operation has completed.  You will see in the software center under the status “Installed”
  32. At this point you can log in with the user account that was migrated and verify all the settings have transferred.

You can Download a PDF version of this Step-By-Step User State Migration using Configration Manager


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